Light Electric Vehicle Solutions

The use of light electric vehicles is increasing day by day. Soon, batteries will provide power and long ranges to millions of electric vehicles. E-mobility is here to stay and grow. As BPM, we enjoy being part of this transition. We designed our first battery packs for e-bikes and e-scooters back in 2014 and since 2017 we supply customers with various products. We preferred to specialize in the light electric vehicles segment and this gives us a competitive edge. Our customers receive tailor-made solutions and expert services.

Over the years we focused on two pillars; driving down the cost of the battery pack and producing lighter and safer batteries.

Today BPM:

  • has a wide product range to meet various battery and battery management system needs
  • supports customers with R&D team and engineers
  • can provide custom-designed batteries
  • has the largest test center in the MEA region
  • products go through quality control stages before delivery
  • products come with a real capacity guarantee
  • provides sales & support services
  • batteries support communication systems
  • takes overall responsibility for the entire battery pack system.
BPM Scooter Battery

Light Electric Vehicle Applications

BPM provides maximum performance for light electric vehicles such as e-bikes, scooters, golf cars, forklifts, and several similar applications.

Light Electric Vehicles Battery
Scooter Battery
Cargo E-Bike Battery
BPM Drill

Industrial Solutions

Industrial applications require high power and reliable batteries that can withstand extreme conditions. In most industrial applications the unique power requirements must be met. Therefore, the batteries used in these demanding applications cannot be ordinary. Our customers need the most reliable and of course the most cost-efficient solutions.

As the official distributor of the world’s most respected battery manufacturers, we meet the battery needs of our customers in different chemistries.  We set high quality and longevity standards and take responsibility for the entire system.

Industrial Applications

BPM produces batteries for various applications like CNC machines, smart control systems, robotic systems, drills, GPRS, tracking systems, tachograph devices, vehicle tracking systems, electronic toll booths, data recorders, vending machines, and GSM POS equipment.

Industrial Applications Battery
Vending Machine Battery
CNC Machine Battery

Consumer Electronics Solutions

Consumer electronics require innovative, reliable, safe batteries with high capacity, high energy density, long cycle life, and high charge-discharge capabilities. The manufacturer must design batteries that are adaptable and scalable over time. Most of the time, the market is competitive and the battery pack needs to be cost-efficient. However, there is no way to compromise safety.

Since 2009, we provided battery solutions to more than 50 manufacturers. We designed and produced various batteries ranging from home appliances such as portable vacuum cleaners and robot vacuum cleaners to electronic toys, drones, radios, walky-talkies and hand drillers.

BPM Drone Battery

Consumer Electronics Applications

BPM supports various home appliances, portable vacuum cleaners, robot vacuum cleaners, electronic toys, drones, radios, walky-talkies, and hand drillers.

Consumer Electronics Battery
Vacuum Cleaner Battery
Game Console Battery
BPM Aspirator

Medical Battery Solutions

One of our largest customer bases is in the medical field. We serve more than 400 customers in the medical industry, ranging from hospital chains to regional equipment manufacturers. The experience in the hospital domain enables us to have a very good understanding of the end product price/performance expectations. This solid experience in the medical industry makes us the preferred partner of medical equipment manufacturers.

We serve customers in designing, developing, testing, and manufacturing battery solutions for the specific needs of almost all medical applications with unique power requirements. BPM supports the entire system for safe and reliable battery performance in mission-critical medical applications.

Medical Battery Applications

BPM offers integrated solutions for a wide variety of medical applications including ECG equipment, defibrillators, aspirators & ventilators, monitors, medical emergency and transport equipment, and operating room equipment like AGMs, and surgical tables.

Medical Applications
Medical Battery Applications 2
Defibrillator Battery

Energy Storage System Solutions

Energy storage needs to increase sharply as renewable energy installations expand. Energy independence, efficiency, reliability, and cost-saving are on the agenda of millions. End-users install PVs and rooftops and at BPM we build battery solutions that will serve a wide section of the market. 

The energy battery market is full of products that are too big for the majority of consumers. Customers need convenient reliable and cost-efficient solutions. We propose energy storage solutions that are small enough to handle the needs of 12W customer applications yet scalable enough to handle 1MW or even larger applications. BPM battery solutions can bridge the gap between no storage and too much storage and we can optimize down to very small storage size to increase investment payback.

With our engineering teams we build customized battery solutions to ensure high capacity, high energy density, long cycle life, and high charge-discharge capabilities. BPM is the right partner with best-of-breed services and support.

Our solutions are

  • customized,
  • scalable,
  • cost-efficient,
  • certified for safety
BPM Solar Panel

Energy Storage System Applications

BPM provides scalable energy storage systems supporting a wide range of applications ranging from solar panels to small-scale wind applications and to home battery storage systems.

Wind Turbine Battery
UPS Battery

Lighting Solutions

Innovation, energy efficiency, and sustainability standards are required in continuous and intermittent lighting systems. We are the leading lighting battery provider in the region serving more than 100 corporate customers. The know-how we have in lighting battery expectations of customers makes us a valuable partner to both lighting equipment manufacturers and customers. We are capable of offering end-to-end emergency lighting solutions.

Lighting Applications

At BPM we designed and produced various emergency lighting, exit lighting, and, outdoor lighting batteries.

Outdoor Lighting Battery
Emergency Lighting Battery


With the battery groups we produce, we promise you a performance that can pass through extra quality control stages. We offer the most innovative and competitive solutions. We are proud to provide our customers with the following privileges to provide suitable solutions in line with the needs of our customers and to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

  • Wide product range that can meet all battery technology needs
  • Identifying your specific battery needs
  • Special product design and selection with our R&D team and engineers
  • Guaranteed products with real capacity guarantee and quality control defined
  • Service, support, and testing services
  • Special batteries and communication systems




BPM Battery Solutions

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