Battery Pack Solutions

The design, performance, and safety of the battery pack have become extremely important in all industries where energy storage is required. The battery pack has a direct impact on the commercial success of the device, application, and/or product.

Here at BPM, we serve our customers depending on their go-to-market strategies. If our customer needs a custom-designed battery pack, we run special projects and provide the best-fitting solution. If our customer is seeking advice for good quality and also needs a cost-efficient solution we are also able to offer standardized solutions.

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BPM Battery Pack

With our 17 years of expertise in the battery market, we manufacture batteries in various technologies like lithium-ion, Ni-Cd, Ni-MH, Li-SOCl2, lithium polymer and more depending on customer needs. In addition to the battery packs, we also provide battery management systems, protection modules, battery thermal management systems, and specialized chargers.

Our production facility in Istanbul Turkey is 2000 square meters and we hold the First Quality Certification for ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001. At our premises, safety comes first and we fulfill all environmental requirements for a sustainable future.

With a team of experienced engineers, we provide end-to-end services starting from customer requirement analysis going through battery pack design, testing, prototype production, and serial production. During the design phase, we focus on the application area requirements as much as the battery design itself.

BPM Battery Pack is offered with:

  • Special design service and R&D support
  • Design and assembly of all battery components
  • Real capacity guarantee
  • Final product quality control,
  • Condition, performance, and durability testing
  • Battery life test at cell, module, andpackage level
  • BMS technology and support
  • On-site consultancy and support services

BPM aims to be the first brand that comes to mind when there is a battery pack need and by just filling out the form below you can start the process.

Battery Pack Solutions

Battery Management Solutions

A key element in Li-ion battery applications is the capability to monitor, control, and optimize the performance of an individual or multiple battery modules and the ability to control the disconnection of the module(s) from the system in case of abnormal conditions. This management scheme is known as a “battery management system (BMS)”, and is one of the most critical components in any electrical equipment. A BMS reacts both with internal and external conditions and it is needed to improve the battery performance with proper safety measures within a system. A BMS contains integrated circuits, sensors, controllers, and similar components. Primary functions are cell and battery voltage and temperature protection during charge and discharge, balancing cell voltage, tracking individual cell performance, battery health and charging capacity forecasting, and inspecting battery failure. BMS provides system safety, improves performance, and extends battery life, therefore the additional cost of having a BMS in a battery pack is always justified.

BPM Battery Management Systems Schema



Our Flx series is designed to support various applications ranging from consumer electronics to home appliances, medical, healthcare, and light electric vehicles. With its small dimensions and light weight, Flx series is designed for high accuracy and low current consumption. Flx allows serial connection for packages with various numbers of cells with only a single circuit. For Flx the primary focus is reliability and security. The product will provide superior performance, especially for e-scooters, e-bikes, AGVs, golf carts, power tools, garden tools, robotic cleaners, vacuum cleaners, and hoverboards.



H20 is designed to support POS terminals, cash register machines, RF devices, portable media players, smartphones, and portable hand-held devices. This series of products offer high accuracy and excellent safety. With its innovative design, H20 is available at a competitive price, because all safety KPIs can be adjusted to customer needs and expectations. It comes as a fast solution with reliable quality.



YDY series is developed to support tablet PCs, mobile handsets, handheld data terminals, GPS devices, personal digital assistant devices, barcode readers, smart video doorbells, sports watches, and various similar small devices. Designed for single series packs, YDY prevents safety problems for Li-ion / Li-polymer cells which are used with high charge/discharge rates. YDYs are designed with very small dimensions, show high precision and accuracy, and provide high performance.


Thanks to the clear and reliable operation of our BPM Battery Management System, it ensures the efficient operation of battery cells and reduces maintenance costs. Rechargeable batteries have some shortcomings such as low power storage rate, short life cycles, safety, and estimation of battery power. In addition, each battery may behave differently. Commonly ka nown as Battery Manager, the BMS system can more intelligently manage and maintain each cell, improve battery performance, prevent battery overcharging and discharging, extend battery life, and monitor battery status. BPM provides compact and trouble-free operation of li-ion batteries with its devoted work for this and similar situations. 

Our Process Steps

Step One:


The information in the form is aligned with your needs (battery chemistry, voltage value, discharge current, etc.). Please fill it out and send it to us.

Step Two:


Calculations and simulations will be prepared by our expert engineers. Design improvements will be proposed.

Step Three:

SAMPLE (Developing, Design, Testing)

Your custom-designed battery pack will reach you as a prototype. You will also receive samples and test results.

Step Four:


After the prototype sent is approved, mass production starts, and delivery is provided within the time given to you.

Step Five:


After the completion of all these processes, our support team will provide you with post-sales follow-up service in line with your needs.



BPM Battery Solutions

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